Wills and Trusts Construction

On occasion, a will or trust will contain ambiguities regarding the distribution and division of assets, the identity and nature of beneficiaries and tax issues. If the interested parties do not contest the document outright, a construction proceeding may take place. In this instance, interested parties may ask the court for its interpretation and mediation of the ambiguous language.

The Law Office of David A. Esquibias can assess the trust document or the will and determine whether the ambiguities can favor the client’s interests. We can then present these determinations in court. The Law Office of David A. Esquibias represents beneficiaries attempting to clarify a confusing will or trust document as well as fiduciaries endeavoring to administer the disputed estate.

Trust Reformation

On occasion, a trust specifically designed to provide tax benefits may fail to qualify for such favorable treatment. In these instances, the trust may be reformed so that it will provide tax benefits. The Law Office of David A. Esquibias can present trust reformation cases in court and before the IRS. If you need help with an estate litigation matter, please contact us at 805-267-1141, or send an immediate e-mail inquiry.