Estate or Probate Administration may be needed to implement the estate plan you have created, or as a result of your failure to create an estate plan. If you have signed a will or trust, it will be filed with the Superior Court upon your death and probated. If you have not completed an estate plan, your property will go into probate and pass to your heirs in accordance with California intestate succession law. In either case, we can assist your personal representative in the probate court procedure and in the administration of your assets. This process may include:

  • The appointment of your personal representative
  • The collection and safeguarding of your assets
  • The sale of your real or personal property, as needed
  • The payment of your debts
  • The settlement of all claims against your estate
  • The preparation of probate court petitions and accounts
  • The valuation and inventory of your property
  • The preparation of all required income and wealth transfer tax returns
  • The distribution of your assets to your beneficiaries or heirs

If you, a family member, or a friend, have a need for assistance with probating an estate please contact us at telephone number 805-267-1141, or send an immediate email inquiry to one of our qualified lawyers.