Protection of Beneficiary Rights

The Law Office of David A. Esquibias is a firm that understands the pain and frustration of being denied the inheritance you rightfully deserve. It is important to remember that beneficiaries do have legal rights and protections. Our highly experienced legal team can help ensure that your rights are not violated during the estate administration process.

We can provide legal advice and assistance with any estate litigation scenario from relatively common situations like fiduciary negligence or a will or trust contest to more complicated circumstances like a loved one dying without a will or trust. We can even help you enforce promises of future assets that were to have been given to you by your loved ones before they died or became incompetent. The Law Office of David A. Esquibias is committed to ensuring that beneficiaries receive the legacy that their loved ones intended for them.

If you suspect that an estate’s assets have been handled incorrectly, unfairly or illegally or have not received the inheritance that you believe you deserve, please contact us at 805-267-1141, or send an immediate e-mail inquiry.